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DIGITAL WAR-The One Cybersecurity Strategy You Need to Implement Now to Secure Your Business.

Radical Insights on Cybersecurity and The Digitalization Age Discover the undisclosed, of-the-record issues of today’s emerging security threats. From the secretive profiling initiatives of large data aggregators to nation-states sifting through your most valuable intellectual property.

Find out what Yigal Behar has discovered in his many interviews with top security experts and SMB business leaders:

  • The false sense of security. Find out what it is and how to fix it.
  • There’s one major mistake just about every company is making with security. Find out what it is and how to fix it.
  • Discover the secret to building a culture of data security awareness among those who create and use data – the people who make money for your company using data.

Yigal Behar speaks to business leaders every month, providing non-technical, simple illustrations to show you exactly how security works and why it’s failing. Finally, a way you can use to best protect your company’s most valuable secrets.

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